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Custom fees and taxes may have to be paid at the import into your country.

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Customer within the EU may use this price list only if they hold a valid VAT registration and Povide the VAT-number by ordering. In other cases  25% swedish VAT will be added to theese prices. (prices including VAT see Price list EUR EU or Price List SEK Sweden & EU )

Price list 2018 (valid throughout March 2019) SEK excl. VAT ITEM NO Color
GigPig Standard SEK 7904 GS-R red
Snaredrum 8’’ GS-Y yellow
Tom 6’’ + 8’’ GS-B black
1 Bass drum 14’’ GS-N nature
3 Cymbal arms    
1 fixed hi-hat holder    
GigPig Extendable SEK 9443 GX-R red
Snaredrum 8’’ GX-Y yellow
Tom 6’’ + 8’’ GX-B black
1 Bass drum 14’’ GX-N nature
3 Cymbal arms    
1 Extendable hi-hat holder    
GigPig Double-Kick SEK 10899 GD-R red
Snaredrum 8’’ GD-Y yellow
Tom 6’’ + 8’’ GD-B black
2 x Bass drum 14’’ – Double-Kick GD-N nature
3 Cymbal arms    
1 Extendable hi-hat holder    
Additional Stuff wich fits to all GigPigs
Connectable 10''
– single-tom
SEK 874 GET-R red
GET-Y yellow
GET-B black
GET-N nature
Connectable 12'' and 10''
– double-tom
SEK 1789 GDT-R red
GDT-Y yellow
GDT-B black
GDT-N nature
Cymbal set small for all GigPigs
8'' Hi-Hat, 10'' Crash,
8'' Splash, 14'' Ride
SEK 1664 GCP-14  
Additional Stuff wich fits to GigPig Extendable & GigPig Double-Kick
Cymbal set large for GX and GD
12'' Hi-Hat, 12'' Crash,
8'' Splash, 16'' Ride
SEK 3286 GCP-16  
Shipping charges per GigPig
Withinn the EU SEK 874 GFR-EU  
Switzerland or Norway SEK 874 GFR-EU  
USA or Canada SEK 2883 GFR-US  
Other destinations Request a quote    
Freight discount 25% if 2 or more GigPig are shipped in the same shipment
The GigPigs are currently not on stock, Your GigPig will be built for you as soon as possible.
And shipped to you as soon it is ready and paid
The waiting list is at the moment 1 – 3 weeks, depending on modell.
The Manufacturer of the GigPig is: Payment by banktransfer to our account
Auris AB or via Paypal (ONLY IN SEK)
Mölnbovägen 27  
SE-15332 Järna
Telephone +46-8-551 741 93